Rennes Métropole entrusts a market of expertise to SAFRA

During the next public service delegation, Rennes Métropole wishes to carry out the mid-life renovation of the first 16 metro trainsets (VAL 208AG) in order to extend their life. The agglomeration community entrusts the expertise market to SAFRA, an Albigensian SME recognized in the renovation of urban railway equipment.
Rames de métro de Rennes en rénovation dans les locaux de SAFRA Rénovation
The objective of this market? Identify and define the various controls and work to be carried out on the trainsets to give them a potential of 1.5 million kilometres or 10 additional years. With the mid-life renovation, the lifespan can be extended to 40 years or 4 million kilometres. 

The expertise covers four different batches: structural elements, corrosion, traction motors and the reduction hub.
Since 2006, SAFRA has worked on the VAL 206 in Lille Métropole, the VAL 206 and 208 in Tisséo in Toulouse and the VAL 206 in Orlyval in Paris. By obtaining this new market, the company confirms its know-how and ensures its position as a major player in the life extension of urban railway equipment.

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