SAFRA launches renovation of TER

SAFRA has just won an important contract for railway renovation with the SNCF, in partnership with the Occitanie Region. The contract, which will start in January 2021, covers 19 firm and 10 optional trainsets, over a total work period of 26 months. This equipment will be renovated on site in Albi and delivered directly by rail through the company’s rail spur. SAFRA is adding a new string to its bow with this new railway equipment renovation project.

Vue panoramique du bâtiment SAFRA Rénovation

The Region Occitanie train renovation market was launched by SNCF in January 2020, and won by SAFRA in September of the same year. This contract concerns 12 trainsets in the Midi-Pyrénées zone (3 cases) and 7 trainsets in the Languedoc-Roussillon zone (4 cases) for the firm tranche, and 10 trainsets for the optional tranche, which may be decided 3 months before the end of the market. The planned services on these TER will be carried out in 2 major stages. A first step will concern only a prototype, trainset n°1, on which the complete inventory of the general work to be carried out will be determined. The production period for the prototype train is fixed at 42 days, compared with 21 days for the following trains. Are provided in the services to be carried out inside: renovation of seats, floor coverings, cleaning of other interior coverings, removal of waste bins, installation of a complete system of counting of travellers, replacement of all halogen lighting with LEDs, and renovation of ceilings. For the exterior, the complete livery is redone, with painting and adhesive installation. A complete makeover for a second life.

On the SAFRA side, this market confirms once again the ability of our SME to work in new markets. With a solid experience in the renovation of public transport equipment (over 65 years), and more than 20 years in the renovation of railway equipment (metro, tramway, funiculars), this train renovation site brings a new competence to our company. On the logistics side, the company has also demonstrated its adaptability. In order to work on this much larger equipment than a simple metro, a provisional workshop has been set up, waiting for the new buildings that will be built on the site of Albi, and delivered at the end of 2021. Finally, as far as jobs are concerned, the company will be able to work on this site, as well as subcontractors for the adhesion part.

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