SAFRA participates in the Industry Showroom on Wednesday 22 March in Castres

Safra presents its expertise in its three activities (Automotive Division, Industrial Division and Layout Division), at the Industry Showroom, which takes place in Castres on March 22, 2017.

Safra will present its various activities to the general public, school children, students, employment/ training/ guidance counsellors and people looking for work and retraining, to introduce them to the industry sector. It will also be an opportunity to value its know-how, present its jobs, its job prospects, but also to publicize its innovations, notably through the Businova project.
Innovation will be there and everything will be done to immerse visitors in the “industry of the future”. The event will take place in the open air, from 10 am to 4 pm, on a surface of more than 1,000 m², with the installation of a capital of 150 m². The Businova will be exhibited on Place Jean Jaurès on the outskirts of the central capital.

Businova's actuality

Today, the Businova program is composed of a fully dedicated team of 25 people or ¼ of our Industrial Pole public transport equipment. With the 3 demonstrators of Albi, Gaillac and Toulouse, the company capitalizes a lot of experience, essential to the development of this program. The 12 m vehicle of the RTM Marseille, which is now in the approval process, incorporates this feedback.
At the marketing level, the company has entered an active phase. The announcement last June of the signing of a Businova for Périgueux has finally turned into 2 buses, with an order signed at the beginning of January. Also this month, the deliberation of the agglomeration of Castres Mazamet with the obtaining of an important incentive TEPCV (Territory Positive Energy for Green Growth), which allowed the agglomeration to commit to 3 Businova instead of one planned last year. Our sales targets are 10 orders for 2018 and 33 orders for 2019, which would create at least 45 new jobs in Albi territory.

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