Significant recruitment on SAFRA Agencement

Safra Agencement at ALBI recruits 6 HF joiners-agenceurs on a permanent basis in 2018! 

The company announces its plan to recruit 6 HF joiners to accompany its growth, after the validation of new contracts. These 6 new positions follow the recruitment of 4 administrative positions at the beginning of the year.

Currently made up of around 40 people, including 26 carpenters, SAFRA’s Design Division is confirming its growth by offering 6 HF CDI joiner positions. In January, the company had already launched the recruitment of 4 additional administrative positions to cope with the increase in workload. The renewal of contracts with major brands already customers of the company, indeed plans the realization of many projects over the next 2 years.

The company is therefore looking for profiles specialized in layout, passionate about woodworking and working on custom projects, to accompany it in its growth. For SAFRA Agencement, the challenge is to provide innovative solutions tailored to the needs of its customers.

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