The Compagny

The SAFRA Group

The SAFRA Group is composed of 4 companies with complementary business lines:

  • SAFRA Automobile
    • SAFRA Renovation
    • SAFRA Manufacturer
  • SAFRA Agencement
  • SAFRA Direction
Vue aérienne du site du Groupe SAFRA
Bâtiment du siège social du Groupe SAFRA à Albi

SAFRA Direction

SAFRA Direction is composed of IT, human resources, accounting and finance, management and communication services. It animates and federates the 3 other companies below.

SAFRA Automobile

SAFRA Automobile specializes in automotive repair (body and paint) and troubleshooting of all types of light vehicles and all brands owned by private individuals, professional fleets or rental companies.

Photo d'une voiture sur la route
Un bus Businova en ville

SAFRA (Public Transport Equipment)

SAFRA, the Group’s historical company, specialises in public transport equipment, in two activities: renovation and construction. The Renovation activity offers services of equipment, fitting-out, renovation and heavy maintenance of urban transport vehicles (buses, trams, metros and railway cars). Construction manufactures and markets a range of electric city buses, the Businova.

SAFRA Agencement

SAFRA Agencement specializes in the development of tertiary spaces (commercial, work…), in project management and in the arrangement of special vehicles.

Photo de l'accueil de SAFRA Agencement

Our History

The SAFRA Group has a history of more than 65 years, with visionary and daring men, complementary professions and know-how, who have helped to develop the diversified activities of the SAFRA Group as it is today. Discover in the form of a historical frieze, the journey made since 1955…
Portrait de Vincent Lemaire président du Groupe SAFRA

The word of the president

Do you believe that SAFRA’s order book is filled with easy deals, using a know-how perfectly mastered in each of the company’s business lines, requiring human and material resources available, well sold, ensuring comfortable margins and allowing even some risks or slowness?

Like many companies, the reality of the business is very different and every day all the women and men in the business must give the best of their skills. Each one works with ardour and precision upstream of production in the commercial and design phases, during the realization which is often very integrated in SAFRA, and this up to the latest finishes or after-sales.
Through this website, we are proud to show you the diversity of our achievements, our projects, our history. Combined with a newsletter, our customers and prospects, our partners, our future employees, or yourself, can follow our evolution. We design and implement beautiful projects and we will not stop there. For such complex cases are they, but in the end they are well carried out, leading to others.

Diversifying and innovating is our strategic path for SAFRA to advance at a good pace of growth that is synonymous with perfect economic health.

Good discovery of our knowledge and do not hesitate to contact our teams to listen to your small or large projects and needs, we will have the will to build you and realize our best offer.

Diversifying and innovating is our strategic path for SAFRA to advance at a good pace of growth that is synonymous with perfect economic he

Vincent LEMAIRE, SAFRA Group's president